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Be Positive from Childhood

Man should not be differentiated by caste, creed or color rather how he thinks Positive or Negative”

When one takes birth,he is unaware of his caste, creed, color, nation etc .The society makes him to realize all these aspects as he grows older. Gradually he learns all differentiation. He starts also learning a word “NO”, as the parent always tell him not to do one thing or other. He listens most of the time in conversations about not doing something or other.

It is sufficient to program the sub-conscious mental software, which directs conscious mind and by the time one attains adulthood he gains sufficient capability to convert Yes to No.

Sometime I feel, had the word No not been invented ,the mental disposition would have been in affirmative mode . How many times we have asked our children on help extended by them to someone else. How many times parents ask their children on Try and Try again, instead scolding on getting lesser marks in examination.

So, issue is our training and coaching to our children and developing an Eco-system at home as well as schools, society so that they receive affirmative signals always.

In order to achieve the positivism, we need to unlearn and relearn alphabets, which were learnt in the childhood ,some of them are as under:

Positive words in English

A : Attitude , Assertiveness, Aspirations , Achiever

B : Belief, Brand , Boundary Management

C : Courage , Concentration , Character

D: Desire , Determination , Dream

E: Effort , Extra Mile , Encouragement

F : Focus ,Fire in the belly, Freedom from Fear

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