Positive India, Competent India and Projectised India Positive India


In order to achieve any objective a competent leader as well as  a team is required. Based on the experience TEAM should have A,B,C,D,E.

A: Approach towards any  subject .Generally it should be positive, 

B: Behavior : It counts a lot particularly towards other team members .

C: Competence and Commitments : One should have Behavioral, Domain and Peripheral competence as well as commitment towards the purpose .

D: Delivery : Everyone looks for the delivery who delivers not a person who dribbles .

E: Execution and Energy :The team should  focus on execution and sustaining the individual and mutual energy level.  


In order to get success in professional life , the efficient and effective team is required. Sometimes, we find that performance of one of the team member is not up to the mark. Before taking him out or rejecting him better to make an attempt to refurbish him. Always give a chance to improve.